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Kitten Checklist

New Kitten Checklist: How to Prep for Your New Pet

June 2018 | Posted by Tender Care Animal Hospital

Bringing home, a kitten can be a fascinating time of exploration for you, your family and your new adorable, curious kitty. In some ways, bringing home a new kitten is a lot easier than bringing home a higher-maintenance pet like a puppy, but that doesn't mean taking care of a kitten does not happen with any less effort. If you have never owned a cat before, there are certain items and options you need to consider before bringing home your sweet little feline. Here at Tender Care Animal Hospital, we recommend checking off the following items in preparation of adding a kitten to your family.

Prep Your Home

Just like most young animals, kittens get into just about everything in your home, and they can be sneakier than expected. Here are a few tricks and items to take care of that will help you prep your home for your new addition:

  • Fireplaces - If you've got a fireplace, put a snug gate across it to ensure they cannot climb up your chimney.
  • Windows and screens - Make sure all the screens in windows and doors are secure so your new kitty can't push them open and treat themselves to the great outdoors.
  • Sharp tools and medications - You will want to put away the same types of personal items you would secure with a crawling baby in the house, including sharp tools and medications.
  • Wires and Cords - It would be wise to make sure your wires and cords are covered and that your trash can lid is closed tightly.

Buy All the Required Kitten Supplies

There are a few things you will need to purchase before bringing home your new kitten, most notably good-quality kitten food and food dishes, as well as a litter box, litter scoop and kitty litter. Also, consider purchasing nail trimmers, even if your cat has been declawed in front, and get yourself a nice grooming brush to keep cat hair from finding its way into every nook and cranny of your house. Obviously, there are several great toys to consider, as well, and for cats that aren't declawed, a scratching post is a good idea to keep them from sharpening their claws on your door frames and furniture.

Take Care of Essential Health & Wellness

One of the first items on the agenda after picking up your new kitten should be to phone Tender Care Animal Hospital to make that new kitty appointment, just a friendly reminder we have locations in both Peoria and Morton for your convenience. You will want to make sure all your cat shots are up to date and that you consider cat neutering or spaying to keep your feline docile and healthy. We also can deworm and provide plenty of information on cat nutrition, nail trimming, and general questions about cat ownership. Nothing will put your mind more at ease as a new kitten owner than speaking with one of our caring vets that can answer all your questions.

Consider Cat Boarding

While cats are self-sufficient once they get older, sometimes younger cats need a little help adjusting when they're younger. For this reason, our cat boarding services here at Tender Care Animal Hospital can help you and your pet adjust as they get used to their lives in your home and you adjust to having a new pet in your life. If your cat needs company during the day, especially at first, boarding is a great option.

Getting a new kitten is very exciting, but just remember that if you need any help at any point along the way, from emergency care to simple cat grooming, we are thrilled to help here at Tender Care Animal Hospital!

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