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Boarding Your Pet at Tender Care Animal Hospital of Morton

Let Us Take Care of Your Pet While You're Away

Pets are like children. They require individualized care, nurturing, and attention. Our highly qualified kennel attendants do the same with your pet while here. We provide tender, loving care, such as brushing and cuddling. To keep your dog happy and active, we offer supervised playtime.

Food is included in the cost. We use a combination of Prescription Low Residue dry and Hill's I/D canned. The dry/canned combination makes it more palatable and gentler on their digestive system. Each run contains a drop down bed. Your pet will have access to our play yard or walked outside a minimum of four times daily. During the time outside, their kennel is cleaned and sanitized.

Professional grooming is available at our facility. These services are separate from the kennel and are by appointment only.

Due to loss and damage, we will no longer accept personal pet food bowls, bedding, and/or crates. Beds are available from Tender Care.

Pick Up / Drop Off Times

Monday thru Friday: 7:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 8:00am - Noon
Sunday: 5:00pm - 6:00pm (Pick Up Only - Sunday night boarding charges still apply -
Sunday pickup convenience fee - $22.00)

Boarding Fees


Up to 50 lbs. - $18.50/night
51-100 lbs. - $19.50/night
Over 100 lbs. - $21.00/night

Feline (All weights)



Up to 25 lbs. - $8.00/visit
Over 25 lbs. - $8.50/visit

Capstar is a chewable pill used in the prevention of fleas. It is a per visit requirement in our facility during the months of April through November if using a topical flea preventative.

Ala Carte

We understand that all pet needs are not the same, so additional ala carte services are available for those pets that need a little extra attention.


We offer beds for your pet. Please ask at check in if you would like a bed for your pet.

Administration of Medication(s)

Oral $2.00/day
Injection $3.00/day
Medications and dosage information must be provided at the time of check in.


For specialty breeds that tend to mat or for the pet that just likes a little extra attention, our staff would be happy to brush them as you request.


$6.50/15 minute session
You bring the toys (limit 2) and we will provide the fun or attention for those that need a little "one-on-one".

Clean-up Bath

At the end of your pet's stay, our kennel staff will have your pet bathed, brushed, and ready to return home. Complimentary bath is included with a reservation of three or more nights of boarding.

(Prices subject to change.)

Warm Hearts for Cold Noses