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Boarding Your Pet at Tender Care Animal Hospital of Peoria

Need to get away, but can’t take your furry family member along? Bring them to us for a vacation of their own!

Let your pet kick back in our boarding facility and enjoy the staycation of their dreams. Our kennels are climate controlled – complete with air conditioning for balmy days, and heated floors for extra cozy winter nights.

During your dog’s stay, there will be lots of time for play! Between our five play yards and availability for walks around the facility property, your happy hound will get plenty of chances to stretch their legs. During this time, their “rooms” will be disinfected and sanitized, ensuring they always return to a fresh and clean kennel.

We know our fancy feline friends require a different kind of treatment, and for them we have an all-inclusive resort. With multi-tiered condominiums and cat trees galore, they’ll enjoy their holiday away from their barking counterparts in total cat paradise. With access to a fully windowed room where they can relax and enjoy the sun, there’s no doubt they’ll enjoy their home away from home.

Not interested in dragging food along? No problem! Included with their stay, we’ll provide a premium blend of wet and dry prescription diet specifically formulated for sensitive stomachs. It’s delicious and easy on your pet’s digestive system, so no need to worry about an upset tummy while you’re gone.

To protect against lost or damaged items, all bedding and bowls will be provided by our staff and facility.

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Boarding Facility

  • Large kennels to fit every size dog and cats
  • Your pet will enjoy playing in our fun and interactive environment
  • Professional managers and on-site veterinarians
  • Five outdoor play areas
  • Dedicated areas for large and small dogs to play
  • Large indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Indoor climate controlled rooms
  • Radiant heated floors and huge skylights for natural light

Pick Up / Drop Off Times

Pick Up / Drop Off:
Monday thru Friday:
7:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am - Noon
*Pets not picked up before 6:00pm closing will be charged additional boarding fees*

Pick Up Only: 
Sunday & Specified Holidays: 5:00pm – 6:00pm
*Sunday & Specified Holiday Pick Up will be charged a Convenience Rate of $25 per pet for that day*


Boarding rates effective June 1, 2023.

Boarding Rates

Dog 0-49#: $35/night
Dog 50-99#: $37/night
Dog 100#+: $40/night
Cat (any weight): $27/night
Sunday Pick-up: $25

Additional Discounts & Charges

Multiple Pet Discount:
10% discount on boarding charges

Extended Stay Discount (10+ nights):
15% discount on boarding charges

Clean Up Scrub Down (Kennel Bath):
Complimentary with 3+ night stay
Available Upon Request Before Check Out: $16

Capstar (for pets not on oral flea medication):
$8.75 (one-time fee for each pet per stay)

Diabetic Medical Boarding:         
1-7 days cost is $32
Each additional 1-7 day is an additional $32

Pets that have diabetic needs will be tested regularly during their stay at our facility. Diabetic testing and their food intake will be closely monitored by a medical staff member (doctor or technician) to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your furry family member.

To provide a fun and safe environment for our boarding guests, all pets must meet the following criteria:


  • Up to Date on Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, and Bordetella Vaccinations
  • Consistently be on an oral flea medication


  • Up to Date on Rabies and Distemper Vaccinations

A few other reminders…

If you choose to bring your pet’s special diet, please package it in a small, durable, waterproof container, such as a Tupperware or Ziploc bag, that will store in an 8"x12" basket. Carefully label the container with your pet's name and feeding instructions.

Daycare is available Monday – Friday for dogs that have a daycare application on file and have successfully completed temperament testing. Just like sending your kids to school, our daycare pets are subject to viruses. We do our best to recognize and isolate any dogs feeling under the weather. Daycare rotations last approximately 2 hours per day during their stay. Applications can be filled out on our Doggy Daycare page.

Get a fresh do for your dog with one of our amazing groomers! Whatever your pet’s needs, our groomers will bathe, blow dry, brush, and trim your four-legged family member to be fresh and fabulous upon pick up. Toenail trims and ear cleanings included! Let our front desk staff know upon check in and we’ll be sure to have them looking their best before checking out! Pricing to be determined by groomer on a “cut by cut” basis.

Clean Up Scrub Down:
Kennel baths are available for those looking to get Fido a quick rinse before heading home. Our kennel staff offer this quick clean-up complimentary to all pets staying three or more nights, or for a nominal fee for shorter trips. Just let our staff know before you head out the door!

Our medical staff are available for any concerns or additional services your pet may need while here, including vaccinations, preventative blood work, nail trims, and gland expressions. Let our staff know your pet’s needs and we can address them during their stay.

All medications must be in original packaging and labeling with clear dosing and directions.

Warm Hearts for Cold Noses