Tender Care Animal Hospital


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Doggy Daycare Policies

Your Pet's Safety is Important!

  • All dogs must be 4 months of age or older.
  • All dogs 6 months or older must be spayed or neutered.
  • Each dog will be subject to a temperament assessment with our staff prior to being accepted for daycare. The assessment is short but allows Tender Care to assess each dog's personality and behavior to ensure they will interact well with the other dogs.
  • All dogs must be current on their vaccinations. Owners must submit written proof of Rabies, DA2PPV and Bordetella vaccinations. Rabies vaccination is required for puppies over 4 months of age. We strongly encourage monthly heartworm and flea+/- tick preventative. Vaccine records can be faxed to (309) 243-1758.
  • All dogs must be in good health. Owners will certify that their dog(s) are in good health and have not been ill with a communicable condition in the last 30 days. Upon admission, all dogs must be free of any condition that could potentially jeopardize other guests, including fleas or ticks. Dogs who have been ill with a communicable condition in the last 30 days will require veterinarian certification of health to be admitted or readmitted.
Due to loss and damage, we will no longer accept pet food bowls, bedding, and/or crates.
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