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Doggy Daycare Frequently Asked Questions

We have the Answers!

Even if you have used Tender Care Animal Hospital of Peoria Doggy Daycare or another doggy daycare before, you may have questions. And, you should. Your pet is part of your family. You want the best for them. And, so do we. We've compiled this list of the more frequently asked questions. Please call us if you don't see your question(s) listed here. We want to answer them so you feel comfortable choosing Tender Care Animal Hospital of Peoria Doggy Daycare.

How can Doggy Daycare benefit my dog?

  • Dogs learn to play with other dogs and improve their social skills
  • Dogs expend their energy during their time at daycare, making them well-rested for the evening after your long day at work
  • Daycare helps alleviate destructive behaviors such as excessive barking, chewing, and digging, which often results from a lack of physical or mental stimulation

Are dogs supervised during playtime?

Yes, dogs are supervised at ALL times.

How do I know my dog will be safe?

Our staff is trained in animal behavior. Before placing your dog with other dogs, we carry out a full behavioral assessment to ensure the safety of your animal prior to placement into their ideal play group.

What vaccinations does my dog need?

All dogs must be current on their vaccinations. Owners must submit written proof of Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, and Bordetella vaccinations. Rabies vaccination is required for puppies over 4 months of age. We strongly encourage monthly heartworm and flea+/- tick preventative. Vaccine records can be faxed to (309) 243-1758.

Can I bring dog food?

No, we do not allow food as this causes problems between the dogs.

Do you have Doggy Daycare on the weekends?

Sorry, we do not offer Doggy Daycare on Saturdays or Sundays. Our Daycare hours are Monday thru Friday: 7:00am - 6:00pm.

*Dogs not picked up before 6:00pm closing will be charged additional boarding fees*

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