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Professional Dog Training - Class Schedule

Training dogs to me isn't about what you start with, it's seeing the end goal with a bond that is between the owner and the dog. - K9 Excellence

New Client Orientation

Every Saturday at 11:00am - 11:45am

We are proud to offer the most innovative Group Class design in the area! We know that not every dog and owner in a group class environment will progress at the same pace, so we have implemented a class structure that allows the flexibility needed for success.

Classes are broken down into four levels of obedience. Each of those levels has exercises that both you and your dog need to pass in order to graduate to the next level. No need to worry about scheduling your beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes! Our class teaches beginner through advanced obedience as well as household manners!

Our Orientation class is vital to the success of you and your dog. These topics are covered in this 1 hour long class:

  • Introduction to our building and trainer
  • What to expect from our group classes
  • How to better manage, and handle your dog the first week of class
  • Demo of things you will learn in class
  • Setting up a free evaluation to be taken place the day of orientation, if not prior to
  • Going over recommended supplies that may be needed
  • Discussing which class is best for you and your dog
  • This class is designed for those who are ready to start classes, and / or just wanting to learn a bit more about us. Regardless of your training goals, this is the perfect place to start.

> Download Client Intake Form Here

Group Training Classes - Now Registering!

If interested, please schedule a free evaluation (see New Client Orientation above) for you and your dog to make sure that the Group setting is the right starting place for you and your dog. Not all dogs can handle the stress of other dogs and people in a class setting, so we suggest that dogs showing signs of anxiety or fear of people and other dogs be started in the private lesson setting to adjust and work on the socialization before entering into a group class.

Please call a day prior to class to reserve your slot in class times. Due to the area and space, not everyone can join class at a certain time.

If for any reason you need to cancel, please do so 12 hours prior to the start of your class if you've reserved a slot or the class will count as a class you attended.

  • Level 1: Friday Evenings 6:00pm-6:45pm
  • Level 2: Friday Evenings 7:00pm - 7:45pm
  • Level 3: Saturday Mornings 9:00am - 9:45am
  • Level 4: Saturday Mornings 8:00am - 8:45am
Please contact Calvin J . Farmer at 309-550-0746 or Ethan E Marshall at 309-868-2546.

AKC CGC Classes

AKC CGC Classes are forming now! Please speak with a trainer today about your potential to participate in this 8-week course.

Private Lessons

Individual private lessons are also available by appointments only. Please speak with us on your options that work with your training needs.

For training questions, pricing, and registration, please call (309) 243-1755.
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