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How to Administer Ear Medication

Dr. Dawn Ruben
Dermatology & Otic Diseases - General Practice & Preventative Medicine

Giving Ear Medication

Frequently, your veterinarian prescribes medication after an ear examination. Administering these medications can be confusing and difficult. Some dogs and cats, especially if their ears are painful, are resistant to the administration of medication. Diligence and patience are necessary and this technique may be helpful:

  • Have the medication container ready and the cap off.
  • Hold your pet's head still with one hand, while the other hand is used to administer the medication. Many people hold the tip of the affected ear to help hold the pet still. Be very careful not to hold the ear too firmly, which can cause even more pain. Be prepared for your pet to flinch once the medication touches the ear.
  • Place the medication container just inside the opening to the ear. Do not push the container into the canal.
  • Administer the prescribed amount of medication into the ear opening.
  • Remove the container from the ear opening and gently rub the base of the ear to distribute the medication deeper inside the ear.
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