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The Importance of a Recheck Examination

Dr. Debra Primovic
General Practice & Preventative Medicine

The Recheck Exam

Delaying or not having a recheck exam can hurt your dog or cat. A recheck examination is an appointment that allows your veterinarian to assess the progress and follow-up on your pet's disease or problem. Maybe you are thinking you can skip it because your pet is doing better? Even if your pet physically looks and feels better, he or she may not be completely back to normal. Some diseases can progress undetected.

It is often more difficult to treat diseases or conditions that have been going on for a long time or are not thoroughly treated the first time. Consider the possibility that recheck exams may actually save you time and money in the long run. Some chronic diseases can spiral out of control if not closely monitored for subtle changes. This could ultimately lead to more lengthy procedures, hospitalizations, trips back and forth to your veterinarian, and significantly higher veterinary bills.

The recheck visits to your veterinarian will depend on the medical condition your pet has. If the condition is chronic, they may require life long-term treatment.

Recheck exams are a worthwhile investment in your pet's overall health. By taking your pet in for a "re-check" you are providing your pet the best possible care by allowing his/her progress to be professionally monitored. By finding, diagnosing and treating these problems early and thoroughly, your pet will live a much healthier and longer life.

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